Here are some of the instrumentals I’ve written through the years. These are demos recorded very simply, some with just a hand-held digital recorder. I am learning along the way so you’ll notice some tracks were recorded better than others. I hope to make some improved recordings one of these days.

Guitars used were Taylor’s (GC8, 414ce 2010 Spring Ltd, 814ce, 114ce and Big Baby), Martin LXM Tenor, Fender Telecaster and ’76 Les Paul Deluxe.

Comments are welcomed. Thanks for listening.

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  1. cw says:

    Congrats Rick! Let God use your musical talents!

  2. Steve S. says:

    Very Inpressive Rick!

  3. Tom says:

    This is some very good music. God has blessed you with your talent and He has used you to bless me :)

  4. LarryDickerson says:

    Gotta tell ya Rick, you’ve got a taste for music that will reach millions!

  5. Bob Womack says:

    Some very nice music, Rick. It was nice to meet you this past weekend!

  6. bren says:

    Rick:a word or two. Thank-you for the lovely music. In my case, it was a fine cup of coco & cream, while relaxing to your mighty fine tunes. Thoroughly enjoyable.
    All the best.

  7. cctek says:

    Rick, That was great!! I am also a guitar player for 48+ years and read your post in the forum. I am at the time where I have sold off some of my guitars and I am now looking at the Taylor 414ce LTD 2012 spring edition. After hearing your wonderful playing, I am now convinced this would be the right guitar for me. I would love to keep some of your tracks. Where can I dl them. Keep recording…cctek

  8. Jim Farmer says:

    Hey Rick, That was and is an awesome mucical experience. Great playing and fantastic writing. Kudo’s to you. I used to play with a fellow that was an instrumentalist as well, brings back good memories. I too am from N.C. If your ever around Asheville way, say howdy.

  9. RS says:

    Your playing is superb Rick. Please contact me through my email as I have material you might be interested in.

  10. womenhealers says:

    Very, very nice compositions and playing… really enjoying listening. Are you in DADGAD primarily?

  11. Quang says:

    Hi Rick: I first caught you in the Acoustic Forum while jonesing for the new Gretsch Bobtail. I read your comments with interest (still undecided between Boxcar and Bobtail) and got to this site.

    VERY nice , delicate playing. Mighty fine tunes, too!


  12. Loved listening to your tunes Rick, thx for sharing.

  13. Rich says:

    Rick,I enjoy listening to your music. I also play guitar for 40+ years. Are you using alternate t uning? The wonderful thing about music is you never stop learning! How can I purchase your CD?

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